Places 3T

Ideas for developing and sustaining third places

Monday, 20 March 2023

From 6 to 8 March 2023, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ - PLS met in Palma de Mallorca with its partners of the European project Places-3T. This mobility activity brought together partners and experts from France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands, all dedicated to the promotion of third type collaborative spaces.

The meeting in Palma was organised to exchange experiences and ideas on the creation, organisation and dynamisation of third type collaborative spaces. This allowed for the further co-construction of tools to identify and define the key elements for the establishment of these spaces across Europe, as well as models, approaches and tools to accompany the actors of these places in their life cycle, development, sustainability and continuous evolution. Lessons learned and recommendations from the project were also discussed.

The project results will be presented at the final conference on Wednesday 5 July 2023 in LaVallée (Brussels, Belgium). SAVE THE DATE! To pre-book your places, contact PLS!

In the meantime, the Places-3T partners invite any third type structure across Europe to reference its space and thus become part of the project's knowledge exchange network, by completing the form available on the project's website.

Supported by the Erasmus+ programme for a period of 36 months, the Places-3T project aims to develop and make sustainable places of the "third type": physical, virtual and/or hybrid collaborative spaces that enable social, cultural and entrepreneurial innovation. These spaces are characterised by the fact that the actors who work in them energise them and generate collective dynamics in order to carry a common and innovative idea in the field of culture, business or society. They can be spaces for cultural creation, innovation or coworking that bring together a group committed to taking up a common challenge in the service of the community through cooperation and the mutualisation of skills and activities.